Summer Reading Success

Get your students reading on-level text this summer

A major barrier for struggling readers is that they aren’t reading as much on-level text as their proficient peers. Without frequent practice and exposure, they fall behind in vocabulary and close reading skills.

Summer school can give struggling readers more opportunities to read on-level text – and increase their confidence and motivation.

How does BrightFish help?

BrightFish Reading is an online reading intervention program that makes on-level text accessible. Students choose from a menu of nonfiction and fiction passages in the Lexile® band for their grade. They start at word level and build the passage, from words to phrases, paragraphs and finally the full text. Along the way, students master fluency, key vocabulary words and comprehension skills while developing a deeper understanding of connected text.

Make it focused and fun!

Reading is hard work, so we’ve incorporated game theory into the program to make it rewarding and fun:

◆ Students work at their own pace, starting at easier levels and moving to challenging activities with mastery.
◆ They track their progress and earn points for fun and educational games in the BrightFish Games Store.
◆ Browser-based access means the program can be used at any time, on virtually any device.


Earn summer credits

With BrightFish, schools can get results in summer school and earn credits towards a full-year implementation. There’s no lengthy setup or software installation, so schools can get started right away.

Schools can use their BrightFish “summer credits” towards the purchase of a full-year program, or start in summer and use the program until August 2018.

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