Summer Reading Success

Advance students' reading skills this summer

Struggling readers need more instruction and practice with on-level text to catch up on content-area reading and develop their reading skills. Summer school provides students with opportunities for structured practice that can increase their confidence, motivation and enjoyment of reading.

How does BrightFish help?

BrightFish Reading is an online reading program for grades 2 to 10 that makes on-level text accessible. Students choose from a wide range of nonfiction and fiction passages in the Lexile® band for their grade. They start at word level and build the passage from phrases to paragraphs and finally the full text. Along the way, students master fluency, key vocabulary and comprehension skills while developing a deeper understanding of connected text and grade-level reading standards. 

◆ Grade-level gains in just 1 hour per week.
◆ High-interest text and video, feedback and rewards.
◆ Self-paced learning with mastery algorithms for independent study.
◆ Layered development of fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.
◆ Browser-based access at any time - including home use.

See how Victor Valley USD students used BrightFish Reading to improve in Summer School.

Earn summer credits

With BrightFish, schools can get results in summer school and reuse their licenses during the school year. There’s no lengthy setup or software installation. Schools can start this summer and use the program throughout the coming school year.

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