Education Partners

BrightFish Learning partners with leading educational publishers, distributors and technology implementation professionals to ensure success for students and educators using BrightFish programs in their classrooms.

The Lexile® Framework for Reading evaluates reading ability and text complexity. The standard for matching readers with texts, Lexile measures help tens of millions of students worldwide find targeted readings from more than 100 million sources. 

partner_continentalpressContinental Publishing provides high-quality, affordable K-12 materials that support curriculum and state-testing goals. Areas of focus include: Response to Intervention (RtI), Common Core test preparation and English as a Second Language (ESL).

partner_backboneBackbone Communications has been an educational service provider for over 15 years, with headquarters in Phoenix, AZ and offices in Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Backbone’s team of educators provides professional development programs and technology tools that are research-based and designed to help students succeed.


Learning Partners provides affordable and comprehensive professional development services for educational software and hardware implementations, including planning, onsite professional development and consulting, and program evaluation.

is an award-winning publisher of K-12 learning resources for students and educators, including the BoldPrint and Big Idea series. BrightFish Reading features engaging fiction and nonfiction stories created by Rubicon authors.  

partner_umaedUMA Education Solutions has been providing award-winning digital solutions to schools and districts since 1993. As one of the few independent distributors serving school districts in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee, UMA builds quality relationships that produce solid and positive results. 


BrightFish Learning is a Clever certified application partner, enabling single sign-on and secure rostering for Hillsborough County Public Schools. More than 11 million students use Clever monthly to access their programs.