2018 BrightFish Awards

Recognizing our awesome students and teachers

It's awards season again! 

We're coming to the end of the 2017-18 school year, which means it's time to acknowledge the hard work and commitment from our BrightFish students and teachers. 

There are three awards categories this year:

The BrightFish All-Star Award recognizes students with the top points nationally in BrightFish Reading. Prizes: 1st Place - $100 Amazon gift card; 2nd Place - $50; 3rd place - $25.

The BrightFish District Leader Award goes to the classes with the highest average points in their districts, with 10 or more schools using the program. Prizes: Teacher: $100 Amazon gift card; Class: celebration party.

New: The BrightFish Rising Star Award goes to the student who has shown the most progress in BrightFish this year. Teachers can submit a 1-minute video telling us about BrightFish students who have worked hard in the program and achieved significant milestones in their reading improvement. Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card (teacher and student). You can submit your testimonial by clicking here.


Data will be collected until April 30, 2018. Winners will be announced May 4, 2018.



2017 BrightFish All-Stars

Here are the winners of last year's awards:

Standings Student Name and School Points Total




Elias Montelongo, 10th Grade, The New America School,
Las Cruces, NM
Trinitee Thomas, 3rd Grade, Cloverdale Elementary School, Dothan, AL 186,759
Guadalupe Trejo, 4th Grade, Tadmore Elementary School, Gainesville, GA 175,887

2017 District Leaders Award

Jeanette Randall and her 3rd Grade class at Cloverdale Elementary School win the District Leaders Award in Dothan City Schools, AL, for earning the top points average in the district: 50,049 points.

Laurie Scheyer and her 4th Grade class at Tadmore Elementary School win the District Leaders Award in Hall County Schools, GA, for earning the tops points average in the district: 73,086.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!


BrightFish All-Stars

Students with the highest points in BrightFish Reading are this year's BrightFish All-Stars. Prizes: The top scorer wins a $100 Amazon.com gift card and the two finalists each receive $50 Amazon.com gift cards. (Based on data collected until May 5, 2017.)


BrightFish District Leaders

Districts using BrightFish Reading in 10 or more schools qualify for the BrightFish District Leaders Award. The award goes to the class with the highest average points in the district. The teacher receives a $100 Amazon.com gift card and the class gets a pizza party celebration! 



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