The challenge may seem big,
but the solution is simple.

Adaptive Online Instruction for Grade 2 - High School

Start making gains with BrightFish Reading.

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Access Anywhere

Web-based and easy to use
from anywhere, on any device.

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Self-Paced Instruction

Mastery learning engages students
and delivers reading gains.

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Remote Monitoring

Real-time data dashboard
simplifies progress monitoring.

How BrightFish builds active reading

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The capacity for active reading is essential in maximizing a student’s full potential. 

BrightFish Reading is an online, research-based intervention program for below-level readers. Self-paced, individualized lessons are paired with high-interest, engaging content, direct instruction and mastery learning to move students from simply decoding text to comprehending it and applying concepts across subject areas.

Our instructional design creates a personal reading path for each student, delivering content at the level with which they are most comfortable and using game theory techniques to incrementally increase the level of difficulty. Our mastery learning protocols train students to become active, independent readers.

More than 10,000 students every day are improving their skills with BrightFish Reading. The future is bright!