Maze Assessment in BrightFish Reading

Maze assessments are well-established, research-based tests of student reading proficiency that measure word recognition and comprehension.    Quick, easy to administer and reliable, maze tests can be used as part of a research-based instruction program for struggling readers. This new white paper from Research in Education provides an overview of the maze, what it measures, and how it can be applied in the classroom.

Download the whitepaper. 

Research Best PracticesHow BrightFish Reading Aligns
Use multiple passages to increase reliability.Administers up to four test passages to determine placement.
Administer passages at different levels of difficulty.Students start at grade level; test adjusts based on scores on each passage.
Enable administration over multiple days.Tests can be saved and continued at any time.
Use correct responses to calculate score.Maze tests are automatically scored and results are available in a Teacher Dashboard.
Assign reading ranges for frustration, instructional and independent.Reading ranges are assigned based on test scores. System will go up or down a maximum of 4 levels to assign instruction level.
Incorporate teacher override for placement.Placement levels can be adjusted using class management tools.
Provide modifications to testing level for struggling readers.Teachers can assign a starting testing level below the students' grade level.
Use industry-standard readability index for test passages.Passages are assigned to grades based on certified Lexile measures. Midyear and year-end tests present different passages at the same Lexile level.