Virtual Learning Center

Welcome to the BrightFish Reading virtual learning center! Here, you will find tools for weekly planning, motivating students,
and monitoring and tracking their progress. 

Looking for tools to plan your weekly schedule? 

Use our weekly planning tool based on 60-90 minutes per week.
View the Weekly Planner here.

Create your own schedule and action plan. Download the template in Word format.

Need tips on getting started? Review our Day 1 Checklist.

Using Clever for single sign-in? Download the Clever checklist here.

View the weekly tipsheet: Weeks 1 and 2 pacing and resources

Monitor Progress

 Regular monitoring keeps students on track. 

Use the progress monitoring Activity Tracker and Self Tracker templates.

Learn more about the key reports and data to use for daily and weekly monitoring.

Download resources to use with students who need intervention:

Vocabulary strategies

Comprehension strategies

Motivate Students

How can you motivate students in virtual learning enviroments?

Use BrightFish tools to reward and recognize students:

Stock the “Games Store” by adding your own rewards cards.

Use your own rewards system to add points.

Engage your students remotely using our Virtual Learning motivation guide.

Communicate with Parents & Students

How can you keep parents informed?

Ensuring parental involvement is a key part of a successful virtual learning program. 

Use the BrightFish parent letter with instructions for home usage. Download the template.

Using Clever? Download the Clever parent letter here.

Send your students instructions for using BrightFish Reading. Download the student letter template