BrightFish Literacy Leader Update for April 2022

April is a busy month of testing and seeing how much growth students have made this year. It can be a stressful time, so we’ve pulled together tips for reviewing gains data and understanding growth metrics.


It’s that time again! The district test schedules have been set and post-testing will open Monday, April 11th.

BrightFish Reading provides three administrations of the Adaptive Cloze test. The post-test results can be compared to the pre-test and midyear test to measure gains in reading comprehension. Once students complete their post-tests, the results will be available in the Test Results report and the Gains report (shown below), which displays the level changes from the pre-test to the midyear to the post-test.

Note: Per the change implemented last year, post-tests are mandatory and there is no close date. Once the test schedule begins, all student story tiles will be locked until the test has been completed. Also, if students have completed the midyear test within the previous 30 days, they will not see the post-test in their accounts until 30 days after their midyear testing date.

Interpreting Post-Test Gains

Post-testing provides a measure of growth in reading comprehension for students working in BrightFish Reading. The Gains report shows the change in reading level from the pre-test baseline to the midyear or post-test. In the report, you can see the summary scores for your classes and review detailed results for each student. Use the “export all test results” button to generate a report for all students in your school.

For detailed post-test data by class, click on the item analysis tab to view a student’s results for each test passage. Look for responses that indicate the student rushed or was not focused. (Did the student pick the first choice each time? Were the first few responses correct but the rest were wrong?) The error analysis may indicate that the student is a good candidate for retesting.

Look for increases in the performance level – frustration to instructional – as well as performance level changes on the grade-level passage.

View the article on understanding the gains report here:

How to? Reschedule a post-test

Q: My student rushed the post-test. How can I reschedule it?

A: If a student has a score on the post-test that is lower than expected or the test time looks rushed, you can reschedule it within 30 days of the test completion date. By discarding the current result, you will erase the previous result and the student will see it again in their test window. The score will update when the student completes the re-test.  From the Classes tab, click on Schedule tests. Select the class, locate the student (use the search bar), discard the test and reset a new one. Get the instructions here:

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