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We know that reading is a challenge for many struggling learners, particularly for underserved students – such as Title I, ELL, special education, homeless and migrant students. That’s why our online instruction is designed to help struggling students make rapid gains in reading – wherever they are learning. BrightFish Reading actively engages students in self-paced learning that builds proficiency in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills for active, independent reading.  


BrightFish Reading qualifies for Title 1, ACCESS and CARES funding.

How Does BrightFish Reading Help?

BrightFish Reading offers:

◆ Wide range of nonfiction and fiction for grades 2 through high school.
◆ Self-paced learning designed to reinforce North Carolina standards. 
◆ Scaffolded instruction with engaging content, feedback and rewards.
◆ Browser-based access on most devices for students and teachers.
◆Flexible for classroom, supplemental and distance/remote learning.  
◆ Gains of 2+ grade levels in 15 minutes a day.

Instructional Design

Video Resources

Instructional Design & Student Experience: Introduction to the BrightFish approach and a tour of the student environment. (25 minutes)

Sample Reports: Navigation video showing the various reports and class management tools for teachers. (5 minutes)

Demonstration Site

Demo site –  Review the BrightFish Reading scope and sequence and student experience on our Demonstration site. Click on the demo icon above or type in

Login IDs: school@review  OR  district@review     Password: 123

Title I & Standards Alignment

Review the Title I alignment here


North Carolina Standards for ELA, Grades 2-5. 

North Carolina Standards for ELA, Grades 6-8

North Carolina Standards for ELA, High School


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