Our educational and technical experts are available Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. ET to 6 p.m. ET, to answer questions. Expect a response within one business day. Contact us by:

1. toll-free phone: 855-912-3474, option 2

2. email – support@brightfishlearning.com

3. live chat – from your teacher dashboard


General Firewall Access


https://*.tawk.to (for integrated teacher chat support)

https://google.com/jsapi/* and (only required for teacher reports)

https://www.gstatic.com (Google static content cache)

https://google.com/recaptcha/* (Google SPAM control)

https://*.smartlook.com (for remote student monitoring of issues by BrightFish Support)


HTTPS supported login

No student names/identification in email notifications

Video Files Firewall Settings




To test your firewall settings, this URL should be accessible on student workstations:

Supported Browsers

Chrome (latest) – recommended browser

Microsoft Edge supported (IE 11 or below NOT supported)

Safari (latest) supported

FireFox (latest) supported

Silk browser for Amazon Fire HD supported

Touchscreen supported on all activities

Supported Devices

iPad v6+; iPad mini v5+; iPad Pro v3+; iPad Air v3+. iOS version 14+

Chromebooks (minimum resolution 1366×768)

Any desktop computer (minimum resolution 1024×768)

Headphones highly recommended