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You can run the interactive checklist test here. Please ensure you run the tests on a student workstation.
General Firewall Access                                       
https://*.brightfishlearning.com https://*.tawk.to (for integrated teacher chat support)
https://google.com/jsapi/* and (only required for teacher reports)
https://www.gstatic.com (Google static content cache)
https://google.com/recaptcha/* (Google SPAM control)
https://*.smartlook.com (for remote student monitoring of issues by BrightFish Support)
HTTPS supported login No student names/identification in email notifications
Video Files Firewall Settings
iPad - embedded YouTube videos on https://www.youtube.com/embed/* non-iPad (Chromebook, laptops, etc) streams videos through https://*.brightfishlearning.com No additional firewall configurations required
Supported Browsers
Chrome (58+/latest) – recommended browser Internet Explorer 11+, Edge Safari 10.1+ FireFox 53+
Silk browser for Amazon Fire HD
Touchscreen supported on all activities
Supported Devices
iPad (landscape mode); iPad mini (landscape mode). iOS version 10+
Chromebooks (minimum resolution 1366x768) Any desktop computer (minimum resolution 1024x768) Use of headphones highly recommended