Summer School

Spring remediation and summer programs are more critical than ever to move students forward in their skill development. BrightFish Reading provides research-based online instruction for below-level readers in grade 2 through high school, moving students from basic decoding to active reading. Gains in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Deliver Affordable, Effective Instruction

  • High-interest text, images and videos, feedback and rewards.
  • Automated placement into individualized learning streams.
  • Self-paced instruction in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Access at any time on laptops, Chromebooks, desktops or tablets.
  • Remote monitoring at the school, class and individual level.

Earn Summer Credits

           Summer School Package: $1,000 for up to 200 student licenses. Includes on-demand training videos and resources. Use your summer school purchase as a credit toward a 12-month license until July 31, 2022!