BrightFish Reading for South Carolina Schools

BrightFish Reading provides research-based, online instruction for struggling readers in grade 2 through high school. Students move from decoding to comprehension while builiding fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills that align to South Carolina ELA standards. The program is state-approved as a support tool for high school special education students. Download the brochure here

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How Does BrightFish Help?

BrightFish Reading breaks down grade-level text and uses mastery learning for independent reading. BrightFish Reading offers:

◆ Wide range of nonfiction and fiction for grades 2 through high school.
◆ Instruction that reinforces ELA standards and supports MTSS
◆ Scaffolded learning with engaging content, feedback and rewards.
◆ Browser-based for instant access on a wide range of devices.
◆ Gains of 2+ grade levels in 15 minutes a day.

Instructional Design

Video Resources

Instructional Design & Student Experience: Introduction to BrightFish and a tour of the student environment. (25 minutes)

Sample Reports: Monitoring and management tools for teachers. (5 minutes)

Demonstration Site

Demo site – Review the BrightFish Reading teaching tools and student experience. Click on the demo icon or visit:

Login ID: teacher@review   Password: 123

Correlations By Grade

ELA Standards for grades 2-5.

ELA Standards for grades 6-8. 

SCCCR Standards for English I and II.
High School Credentials Courses

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