Online Reading Intervention

BrightFish Learning is an international company that creates innovative tools for struggling readers. Our mission is to help students become active, independent readers with the skills to achieve their academic and personal goals. 


Our instructional and software teams in Chicago and Ottawa combine research with the best ideas in reading instruction from classrooms across North America. We translate these practices into online learning that can be accessed from anywhere on multiple devices and platforms. We believe that all students can become better readers if given the opportunity and the right tools – in the classroom, at home, or wherever learning takes place.

BrightFish Reading

BrightFish Reading is a research-based, online program for grades 2 through high school that uses engaging content in a mastery-learning process for independent reading.  Designed to be easy to implement, access and use, BrightFish Reading is an affordable reading intervention for one student up to thousands district-wide.