Middle & High School

Reading is a challenge for many students, creating a learning disadvantage that deepens over time. Once struggling readers reach middle and high school, they often have difficulty keeping up with course work and show a decreased interest in learning. 


BrightFish Reading is a research-based online program that helps older struggling readers make gains. The program breaks down the reading process and uses a mastery-based learning method that combines high-interest content with scaffolded instruction to develop active reading skills. The result? Students can master text in as little as 60 minutes.

BrightFish Reading for Middle/High

How it works

  • High-interest text and video, feedback and rewards.
  • Mastery learning to develop word recognition and text automaticity.
  • Self-paced instruction in vocabulary and comprehension strategies.
  • Access at any time, on virtually any device – ideal for distance learning. 
  • Grade-level gains in just 15 minutes a day.