IEPs and Special Education

Students with individual educational plans (IEPs) often have difficulty reading at grade level. Many require intensive instruction and additional monitoring. Flexible tools that provide self-paced, scaffolded instruction in reading foundations can be an essential component of a student’s IEP.


BrightFish Reading is an online, research-based program for grades 2-10 that helps students develop fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Adaptive placement and a unique process of text automaticity enable students to build independent reading skills, while teachers review errors and missed learning objective to enable targeted remediation and support.

BrightFish Reading for IEPs

How it works

  • Scaffolded activities, positive feedback and rewards.
  • Mastery-based learning and text chunking to increase accessibility.
  • Read-aloud support for modeled fluent reading.
  • Remote monitoring tools, real-time data and intervention resources.
  • Flexible implementation for MTSS frameworks.