BrightFish Reading for Schools

BrightFish Reading gives struggling readers the opportunity to read engaging, grade-level text while building word fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills. The program incorporates:

   o Self-paced learning that moves students from decoding to active reading.

   o Fluency, text automaticity, vocabulary and comprehension aligned to ELA standards.

   o Built-in learning games, feedback and rewards for motivation.

   o Anytime access from popular devices, including iPads, tablets and Chromebooks.

   o Online Teacher Dashboard with real-time training data – ideal for distance learning.

   o 2+ level gains for diverse student populations in 15 minutes a day. 

BrightFish Reading is available as a low-cost, per-student annual license or schoolwide site. Use the form below to request a quote and your free 7-day trial.

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