How are averages calculated?

In the District, School and Class reports, average values are presented as a summary for the grouping selected.

Here is how the BrightFish system calculates averages: 

  • Only students with results are used in our averages. For example, a class has 10 students enrolled. Only 8 students have worked in BrightFish Reading. The averages are calculated from the 8 students with data.
  • Students belonging to multiple classes are counted only once.
  • At the school or district level, averages are weighted according to the number of students in each school or class. For example:


My School

Class 1 (10/12) students – average 85%

Class 2 (90/100) students – average 90%


The average for “My School” is NOT 87.5% (85%+90% / 2). 

The average for this school will be based on the number of students, (10 + 90 / 12 + 100) = 89.3%.