BrightFish Star Awards

It's time to recognize our awesome students from the 2020-21 school year!

This has been a school year like no other, but one thing hasn’t changed. Our BrightFish students and teachers continue working hard to make gains in reading. In our 4th annual BrightFish Star Awards, we’re celebrating the amazing achievements of:

BrightFish All-Star: Yandel Salcido, 6th Grade, West Hall Middle School, GA; 330, 421 Points and 28 Stories completed!

Congratulations Yandel! Great work!

2019-20 BrightFish All-Stars

BrightFish All-Star (High School): Orlondo Dixon, 9th Grade, Choctaw Central High School, MS; 1 Million Points And 72 Stories (a BrightFish record)! 


“We’re very proud of Orlondo’s accomplishments this year in setting a BrightFish all-time high score! He has made more than 2 grade level gains in his reading proficiency.”  — Teachers Gail Pigg and Julia Faulk.


BrightFish All-Star (Elementary): Trinity Chandler, 5th Grade, Crosswell Drive Elementary, SC; 493,909 and 25 Stories!


“Trinity worked extremely hard to achieve this goal. She loved BrightFish Reading and couldn’t wait until it was time to get on the program. Trinity is well-mannered, smart and very hardworking. She always has a positive attitude and is a joy to teach! — Kayla Joe, 5th Grade ELA Teacher

Congratulations to our BrightFish All-Stars!

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