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Change a student's password in Articles
Jul 1st 20

There are two ways to change passwords in your Teacher Dashboard.   Method #1: Change a password for one student. Click on the Users tab. Step 1: Filter by grade or use the Search box to type i ...

Create student accounts in Articles
Jul 17th 20

If you have a small number of students to enroll, you can use the "Create a student" function in the Users tab of your teacher dashboard. Click on the Classes tab or Users tab and follow these steps: ...

Student log-in error in Articles
Jul 1st 20

Are you using the correct link? If you are logging in directly into BrightFish Reading, your login URL is: If you are using Clever, students will first log into ...

Virtual Learning Resources in Getting Started
Jul 1st 20

Teaching at a distance is a challenge! Get resources and tools in our Virtual Learning Center.  

Day 1 Checklist in Getting Started
Jul 1st 20

Find out what to expect as students start working in BrightFish: Day 1 Checklist - Main  Day 1 Checklist - Clever Users Day 1 Checklist: Google Classroom Users    

Technical Checklist in Getting Started
Jul 1st 20

BrightFish Reading is an online program that supports most devices and browsers. View our technical specifications.

Model Lessons for Students in Videos
Jul 1st 20

Click on the title for each activity to see the model lesson:   Introduction Warm-up Fluency Words & Phrases Vocabulary Usage & Writing Comprehension Facts & Details Comprehension ...

Using the Teacher Dashboard: 1-Minute Videos in Videos
Jul 1st 20

View the 1-minute videos to learn about key functions in BrightFish Reading. Note: All videos run on the Vimeo platform.   Create students (individual) Import rosters (batch enroll) Add classes ...

Tour the Student Experience in Videos
Jul 1st 20

Watch this guided tour of the BrightFish Reading student demo. View the video here. (25 mins).  

Teacher's Guide in Getting Started
Jul 1st 20

Get how-to instructions on the features in BrightFish Reading. Download the Teacher's Guide.