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Interventions - Independent Zone in Articles
Sep 14th 20

Determine whether to make a level change for your student in the Independent Zone. Download the checklist.

Challenge Strategies in Articles
Aug 31st 20

The Challenge is an exit activity for each level where students can apply the concepts they have learned. The tile will only open after students have completed every story in a level. The questions ...

Fluency Strategies in Articles
Aug 31st 20

Use this checklist if  your student is struggling with fluency activities. You will find:   BrightFish mastery criteria tips for conducting Fluency data chat suggestions for interventions based ...

Set training goals in Articles
Aug 28th 20

You can set or change training goals for students' work in BrightFish Reading. Click on the Schools or Classes tab and follow the steps below.   Step 1: Under Training Options, select Goals from ...

The Daily Review Report in Articles
Mar 4th 21

Use the Daily Review report to monitor issues and document actions. Click on the Reports tab and follow these steps:   Step 1: Select Daily Review from the left sidebar menu. Step 2: View all ...

Add stories to a menu in Articles
Mar 2nd 21

If your student has finished the assigned training stream and you need to add a new level, you can do that in the Classes tab.   Step 1: In the Classes tab, select "Manage class roster" and ...

Parent letter - holiday usage (HCPS) in Articles
Nov 12th 20

Inform parents that students can use BrightFish Reading during school closures and holidays. Download the parent letter template.

Remove students from a class in Articles
Jul 1st 20

Once you remove students, their licenses are no longer active and they will not be able to access BrightFish stories. Here's how to remove a student from your class roster: Step 1: Select the Classes ...

Add points in Articles
Aug 27th 20

Add points to a student's balance to reward different milestones. From the Student Details view, click on the blue button "Certificates" and follow the steps: Step 1: Click on Add Points in the top ...

Comprehension strategies in Articles
Aug 27th 20

Use this checklist if  your student is struggling with comprehension learning objectives. You will find:   BrightFish scoring criteria tips for reviewing missed comprehension concepts activities ...