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Testing Strategies in Articles
Dec 9th 20

Prepare your students for success on the midyear and post-tests. Download the testing strategies tipsheet.

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Reschedule a test in Articles
Aug 27th 20

If you are concerned that one of your students didn't focus on the test, you have the option to reschedule it. Follow these steps:   Step 1: Click on the Classes tab and select your class. Step ...

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Scoring Assessments - Open Response in Articles
Mar 22nd 21

Score students' open response questions. Download the instructions here. 

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Schedule midyear/post tests in Articles
Dec 4th 20

Schedule midyear or post-tests for your students in BrightFish Reading.   Step 1: In the Classes tab, click on Schedule tests Step 2: Select your class and then click on the calendar icon next to ...

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Print story certificates in Articles
Oct 20th 20

Story certificates can be printed from the Teacher Dashboard: Step 1: Log into your page and click on the Reports Tab. Step 2: Click on Student Details on the left sidebar menu and select the student ...

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30-day Trial - Clever Checklist in Articles
Oct 6th 20

30-day Trial: Day 1 for Clever users. Download the checklist.

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Manage class settings in Articles
Sep 23rd 20

In the BrightFish Reading teacher dashboard, it's easy to manage your class settings. Here are some of the options: Assign students: Click on assign students and select the ones you want to add. ...

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Cloze Test Checklist - BrightFish in Articles
Sep 17th 20

Prepare your students for testing! Make sure their devices and accounts are set up for BrightFish Reading. Download the checklist.   

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Checklist - Adaptive Cloze (Google Users) in Articles
Sep 17th 20

Make sure your students are ready for testing! Download the Cloze Test Checklist.   

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Lexile Bands for Levels in Articles
Sep 14th 20

Review certified Lexile® measures for BrightFish Reading stories. Download the Lexile® banding chart.