BrightFish Reading™: Research-based Instructional Design

Like many learned skills, reading is a multifaceted process that develops only through practice. Consider that the average middle school student reads an estimated 1 to 10 million words per year, while the struggling student may only read 100,000 (Nagy & Anderson, 1984). If we expect struggling students to read, we have to make it more accessible and provide opportunities to practice with material that is appropriate to their age and skill level.

How does BrightFish Reading help?

BrightFish Reading is a structured, research-based program for grades 2-10 that enables struggling learners to read engaging, on-level text while motivating them to practice and improve. Here are the key components of the scaffolded instructional design:


Word Recognition Fluency

Vocabulary Practice

Comprehension Skills

Connected Text Fluency

Deep Learning

Gamification & Rewards