The future Is Bright!

We believe that every student can learn if given the opportunity. At BrightFish Learning, our solutions are all about providing those opportunities in the classroom and beyond.

Trending now: NYC Schools are using Continental Assessments on BrightFish to gauge reading and math progress.
BrightFish Reading

Build word recognition fluency, vocabulary & comprehension – on any device.

Teacher Dashboard

Online classroom tools, grading feedback and quiz builders save time and improve results.


Data-driven reports analyze each student's needs and identify learning gaps.


Math and reading practice tests prepare students, reinforce standards and build confidence.

Practice. Focus. Improve.

Nurture the potential in every child using tools that connect learning, motivation and achievement.

High stakes, standards-based testing is challenging educators and students to raise performance and demonstrate progress

Your Stories

Select the story that interests you! Read and answer questions about each story.

Quiz Calendar

Keep track of quizzes to be completed using the BrightFish Quiz Calendar!

Profile Logout

Easily log in and out of your profile using our flexible platform.

Redeem Points

Redeem your points for new games, gift cards and other prizes!

Reward Points

Earn reward points for every completed exercise! The more you read the more points you earn!

Flexible & Fun

BrightFish Learning’s online solutions can be used in the classroom, at home or anywhere you have internet access. This fresh approach to learning provides educational training for students & educator data analysis for teachers.

Simple & Standards Driven

Easy to use for both teachers and students. Our automated processes maximize instructional time. In fall of 2014, common core standards were fully implemented. BrightFish Learning offers teachers the resources to teach these standards.

Engaging & Encouraging

Struggling students are typically the toughest to engage in the learning process and require creative educational solutions. By motivating and engaging students, we affect better performance outcomes and close the achievement gap.

Real Results

By providing students with individualized and effective learning strategies, proven engagement strategies and maximum exposure to training, measurable gains are made.